Completed projects

Completed mobility programs between France and Sweden are available in the table below. Feel free to find out more about the scientific and academic projects and the researchers who participated in them. The table includes the mobility of more than a hundred researchers established in France or in Sweden, and who participated in one of the following programmes : Eva de la GardieSFVE-A,    Sophie Germain and FINA. The research topics of these researchers are very diverse and concern research fields such as  Medicine, Informatics, Environment or Mathematics. 

You can learn more about past projects by clicking on the project’s name, or on the “View” button. You can also use the search bar. If you would like to do a double search, please enter the desired terms in the search bar. 

YearCountriesProjectResearch TopicFrench InstitutionNordic InstitutionFrench ResearcherNordic Researcher
2023Innovation and PivotsEconomy & FinanceHautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris (HEC)Stockholm School of EconomicsPaul Voss ; Ciaran Rogers ; Jacques Olivier ; Federica De Stefano ; Lakshmi Naaraayanan,Alvin ChenView
2023Digitally printed antibacterial textiles to prevent the spread of drug-resistant bacteriaChemistryUniversity of LorraineUniversity of Borås Dr. Mihayl Varbanov ; Dr. Tuser BiswasView
2023Networking and research building activities with textile businesses and research institutions Business ENSAIT, CETI, University of Lorraine University of BoråsSara HarperView
2023Exploring research and collaboration within the area of textilesEngineeringENSAIT, Roubaix; CETI, Tourcoing; ENIM, Metz The Swedish School of Textile, University of BoråsVijay KumarView
2023Workshop on Characterization of secondary mineral resourcesOcean and Earth Sciences BRGM – Service géologique national Lund University Pauline Kessouri ; Phillipe Leroy ; Damien Jougnot ; Alexis MaineultTina MartinView
2023Asymmetry in Semantic Games Informatics Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT), University of Toulouse 3 Paul SabatierChalmers University of Technology Sergei Soliviev. Thierry Coquand View
2023Ergodic optimization of matrix cocyclesMathematicsUniversité de Bordeaux, Institut de Mathématiques de BordeauxUppsala universitet Philippe ThieullenView
2023Flame-retardant composites for building applicationsEngineering University of Lorraine Luleå University of TechnologyHenri VahabiView
2023Structure and mechanoluminescence properties of nitrogen-rich oxynitride glassesEngineeringUniversity of RennesLinnaeus UniversityTanguy Rouxel, Yann Gueguen, Theany To, Jean Rocherullé, Frack TessierSharafat AliView
2023Advanced textiles structuresEngineeringGEMTEX Lab at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textile (ENSAIT) in Roubaix, CETI Tourcoing, University of LorraineUniversity of BoråsMassika Behary, Vladan KoncarNawar KadiView
2023Flexible non-laminating textile biosensors for high precision stress sensingEngineeringUniversity of Rouen, University of Caen, University of Paris, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles (ENSAIT)University of BoråsJulien Vieillard, Nabil Bouazizi, Benoît Piro, Nemeshwaree BaharyMuhammad Neaz MorshedView
2023Textile management, technology and traceabilityEngineeringÉcole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textile (ENSAIT) in RoubaixUniversity of BoråsMassika Behary, Vladan KoncarVijay KumarView
2023Constraining the role of freshwaters in the carbon cycleEnvironmentHydrogeochemical Observatory of the Environment (OHGE)Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)Thierry Labasque, Eliot ChattonMarcus KlausView
2023High impact climate actionClimateLund UniversityParis School of Economics / World Inequality LabLucas Chancel, Philipp Bothe, Yannic Rehm, Cornelia Mohren, Thomas Bézy, Thomas Piketty, Jad Mouawad, Lizzie Sayer, Anne Prieur-VernatKimberly NicholasView
2023Optimal oxidation processes for starch in wood adhesivesChemistry University of LorraineSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)Adrien LetoffeStéphane Cuynet, Sébastien FontanaView
2023Infinitely divisible dynamical systemsMathematicsUniversité Sorbonne Paris NordChalmers University of Technology Emmanuel RoyNachi Avraham Re’em, Michael BjörklundView
2023Congenital atrioventricular blocks in newborns from mothers with anti-SSA antibodiesMedicine and Health University Paris Saclay / National Institute of Health and Medical Research INSERMKarolinska Institutet Grégoire Martin de FremontMarie Wahren HerleniusView
2023Sustainable solutions for fire retardancyChemistry University of LorraineLuleå University of TechnologyHenri VahabiOisik Das, Michael FörsthView
2023Ergodic optimization of matrix cocyclesMathematicsUniversity of BordeauxUppsala UniversityPhilippe ThieullenReza MohammadpourView
2023Higher order logics and game semanticsMathematicsUniversity of Toulouse 3University of GothenburgSergei SolivievThierry CoquandView
2023Documentation on PinnWall-electrode models from integrating machine learning and atomistic simulationChemistry Phenix Laboratory / French National Centre of Scientific Research CNRSUppsala UniversitySheng BiChao ZhangView
2023A comparative study of multilayer networksInformaticsUniversity of BordeauxUppsala UniversityBruno PinaudMatteo Magnani, Georgios PanayiotouView
2014Clinical audiologyMedecine & Health University Claude Bernard Lyon ILinköping University Fanny Meunier, Barbara Tillmann, Michel Hoen, Séverine LeusieAriane Laplante-LevèsqueView
2014Effects of global warming and ocean acidification on marine ecosystemsClimateEcole Normale Supérieure Paris / Institut de Neurologie Albert Fessard / Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IEES) / UNESCOUniversity of GothenburgJean-Stéphane Joly, Emmanuelle Jacquin, Jong SetoSam DupontView
2014Spatially coupled LDPC codes for wireless communication channelsInformaticsUniversity of Cergy PontoiseLund UniversityIryna AndriyanovaMichael LentmaierView
2014Algorithms for networked information management systemsInformaticsUniversity Côte d’AzurKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyGiovanni Neglia, Chadi Barakat, Philippe Nain, Arnaud Legout, Walid Dabbous, Mahmoud El Chamie, Maksym GabielkovGyörgy DánView
2014Image analysis, computer vision and machine learningInformaticsUniversity of Southern BrittanyUppsala University / Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLUSébastien Lefèvre, Jacques FromentCris LuengoView
2014Plant invasions at high altitudes and latitudesEnvironmentUniversity of Picardie Jules Verne AmiensUmeå University Jonathan Lenoir, Guillaume DecocqAnn MilbauView
2014Archaeobotany in the Middle East and Central AsiaHumanities French National Museum of Natural HistoryLinköping University Margareta TengbergJoyanto Touth, Henrik KylinView
2014Sami and non-Sami representations of Swedish LaponiaHumanities French National Museum of Natural HistoryUmeå University Florence RevelinKrister Stoor, Coppelie Cocq, Annette Löf, Elsa ReimersenView
2014Gene expression in plant organelles by nuclear-encoded factorsBiology University of StrasbourgUmeå University Kamel HammaniÅsa Strand, Oliver LeechView
2014Socio-historical changes of the scholarly communication in chemistrySocial SciencesUniversity Paris-EstLund University / KTH Royal Institute of Technology / Linköping University / National Library of SwedenMarianne NoëlKristoffer Holmqvist, David Lawrence, Ulf Kronman, Ilona Johansson, Christina MobergView
2014Theatrical and novel literature of the 19th centuryHumanities Ecole Normale Supérieure LyonUppsala UniversityClaire Barel-MoisanSylviane Robardey-EppsteinView
2014The micro-foundations of productivity and export growth in FranceEconomy & FinanceUniversity Côte d’AzurKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyFlora BellonePardis Nabavi Larijani, Hans Lööf, Patrik Tingwall, Almas HeshmatiView
2014Injury biomechanics and protection of road usersEngineeringArts et Métiers ParisTechKTH Royal Institute of Technology / Chalmers University of TechnologyDamien Subit, Sébastien Laporte, Baptiste SandozSvein Kleiven, Johnson Ho, Johan Davidson, Jonas Östh, Ola Boström, Cecilia Sunnevång, Bengt PipkornView
2014Multi-scale morphology of soft matterPhysicsUniversity of PauUppsala University / Lund University / Royal Institute of Technology KTHLaurent RubatatAdrian Rennie, Vassilios Kapaklis, Christer Elvingson, Kristina Edström, Torbjörn Gustafsson, Daniel Brandell, Tim Bowden, Jöns Hilborn, Dmitri Ossipov, Oomen Varghese, Patric Jannasch, Vincent Bulone, Qi Zhou, Rakel Wreland Lindström, Carina LagergrenView
2014The ecology of microbes in aquatic ecosystemsBiology Observatoire Océanologique de BanyulsUppsala UniversityPierre GalandStefan Bertilsson, Alexander Eiler, Sari Peura, Heli Jouottonen, Eva Lindström, Claudia Bergin, Anna-Marie DivneView
2014The role of quantum entanglement in low-dimensional systemsPhysicsUniversity of LorraineStockholm University / Gothenburg University / Chalmers University of TechnologyJérôme DubailHans Hansson, Eddy Ardonne, Jonas Kjäll, Sasha Balatsky, Konstantin Zarembo, Jonathan Edge, Stellan Östlund, Mats Granath, Johan Nilsson, Matteo BazzanellaView
2014Bio-based surfactants, biomass derived ionic liquids and functionalized dendrimersChemistry University of Reims Champagne-ArdenneLund University / Stockholm UniversitySandrine BouquillonOla Wendt, Tommy Nylander, Jan-Erling Bäckvall, Nicklas SelanderView
2015Climate modelling and viticultural ecophysiologyClimateINRA Avignon / Bordeaux Sciences AgroLund UniversityInaki Garcia de Cortazar, Cornelis van Leeuwen, Jean-Francois SusannaKimberly NicholasView
2015Economic voting behavior, survey data and environmental attitudesSocial SciencesSciences Po ParisUniversity of GothenburgMartial Foucault, Anne Jadot, Jean Chiche, Sylvain Brouard, Steven van HauwaertJohan MartinssonView
2015The barnacle goose facing Arctic climate changeEnvironmentUniversity of StrasbourgLund UniversityJean-Yves Georges, Agnes Lewden, Yves Handrich, Francois Criscuolo, Vincent ViblancGötz EichhornView
2015Topological phases of condensed matterPhysicsParis-Saclay University / Sorbonne University / University of Toulouse / University of StrasbourgStockholm UniversityBenoit Estienne, Yacine Ikhlef, Raoul Santachiara, Didier Poilblanc, Pierre Pujol, Sylvain Capponi, Jérôme Dubail, Malte Henkel, Guido Pupillo, Vincent PasquierEddy ArdonneView
2015Cellular mechanisms of contractility in heart and skeletal muscleMedecine & Health University of MontpellierKarolinska Institutet Jérémy Fauconnier, Alain LacampagneDaniel C AnderssonView
2015Molecular epidemiology and insulin resistanceMedecine & Health University Claude Bernard Lyon IUppsala UniversityHubert Vidal, Assia Eljaafari, Brigitte Le Magueresse, Sophie RômeChistoph NowakView
2015Approximation algorithms and network designMathematicsEcole Normale Supérieure ParisChalmers University of Technology Claire Mathieu, Eric Colin de Verdière, Christoph Dürr, Michel de RougemontChien-Chung HuangView
2015Fungal ecologyEnvironmentUniversity Grenoble-AlpesSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)Wilfried ThuillerAriana KubartováView
2015Interaction and learning of autistic and newly arrived pupils in elementary schoolEducation Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon / University Clermont AuvergneUniversity of BoråsMarianne Woollven, Olivier Rey, Marie Gaussel, Catherine Reverdy, Laure Endrizzi, Annie Feyfant, Roland Goigoux, Serge ThomazetMarianne Strömberg, Anita NorlundView
2015Interaction and learning of autistic and newly arrived pupils in elementary schoolEducation Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon / University Clermont AuvergneUniversity of BoråsMarianne Woollven, Olivier Rey, Marie Gaussel, Catherine Reverdy, Laure Endrizzi, Annie Feyfant, Roland Goigoux, Serge ThomazetAnita Norlund, Marianne StrömbergView
2015Emerging azacalixphyrinsChemistry University Aix-MarseilleUmeå University / Uppsala University / Lund University / Stockholm UniversityOlivier SiriBertil Eliasson, Erik Chorell, Henrik Ottosson, Sacha Ott, Kenneth Wärnmark, Daniel Strand, Jan Bäckvall, Belén Martín-MatuteView
2015Byzantine and Islamic pottery and ceramicsHumanities Laboratory of Archaeology and Archaeometry ARARLund UniversitySylvie Yona WaksmanMats RoslundView
2015The merging process of helium and CO white dwarfsAstrophysicsSorbonne University / Astrophysics Institute of ParisUppsala UniversityPatrick TisserandKjell Eriksson, Bengt Edvardsson, Nikolai Piskunov, Bengt GustafssonView
2015Exosomal miRNAs: inter-organ cross-talk in type 2 diabetesMedecine & Health University Claude Bernard Lyon IKarolinska Institutet Sophie RomeSamir El-Andaloussi, Oscar WiklanderView
2015Dimethyl carbonate: synthesis and utilizationChemistryUniversity of BurgundyUmeå University / Uppsala University / Lund UniversityLaurent PlasseraudOla Wendt, Irene Rodriguez-Meizoso, Andreas Orthaber, Joseph Samec, Jyri-Pekka MikkolaView
2015Drug design, synthesis and optimizationMedecine & Health University Claude Bernard Lyon IGothenburg University / Uppsala University / Karolinska Institutet / Stockholm UniversityMarc Le BorgneIngela Dahllöf, Thomas Backhaus, Malin Celander, Bethanie Carney Almroth, Martin Malmsten, Erik Sjögren, Pär Matsson, Michael SundströmView
2015Temperate forest ecosystemsEnvironmentNational Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment (INRAE)Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)Nathalie KorboulewskyUlrik Ilsted, Niles Hasselquist, David Wardle, Aida Bargués Tobella, Nathalie PluchonView
2015Metal speciation and bioavailability in anaerobic digestionChemistry University Paris-EstLinköping University Eric van HullebuschAnnika Björn, Lukla Safaric, Bo Svensson, Ulf Skyllberg, Anna Schnürer, Anna Neubeck, Sepehr Shakeri YektaView
2015Comparative immunologyMedecine & Health University of PerpignanGothenburg University Benjamin GourbalGunnar Hansson, Tore SamuelssonView
2015Cosmopolitan education in EuropeHumanities University of BordeauxKarlstad University / Stockholm University / KTHTristan CoignardElisabeth Herrmann, Miyase Christensen, André Jansson, Pilar Alvarez, Marie Wejrum, Johann Lindell, Karin Fast, Johan BroschéView
2015Microdensitometric and near infrared wood analysisEnvironmentNational Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment (INRAE)RISE InnventiaJean Paul CharpentierSven-Olof Lundqvist, Thomas Grahn, Lars OlssonView
2016The ECO2 multifunctional design paradigm and acoustic tailoringEngineeringUniversity of Le MansKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyJuan Pablo Parra Martinez, Olivier DazelPeter Göransson, Per WennhageView
2016Constructing Egypt’s revolutionary youth as political actorSocial SciencesEcole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)Lund UniversitySarah Anne Rennick, Farhad KhosrokhavarKarin AggestamView
2016Heavy charged Higgs boson searches and hardware track triggerPhysicsUniversity Grenoble-AlpesUppsala UniversityJoakim Gradin, Johann CollotElin Bergeås Kuutmann, Arnaud Ferrari, Richard BrennerView
2016Sami dietary patterns, public health and food security in the Arctic regionMedecine & Health University of Rouen, University of Montpellier, International Agency for Reserach on Cancer (IARC) LyonUmeå University Yvette Vaguet, Sylvie Blangy, Laure Dossus, Nadia Slimani, Augustin Scalbert, Marie-Christine Boutron-RuaultLena Maria NilssonView
2016Combinatorial optimization issuesInformaticsUniversity of Western BrittanyDalarna UniversityLaurent Lemarchand, Damien MasséPascal RebreyendView
2016Synthesis and characterization of Metal-Organic FrameworksChemistryChimie ParisTech (Ecole Normale Supérieure) / University Grenoble Alpes / University Claude Bernard Lyon IChalmers University of Technology Philippe Barboux, Francois-Xavier Coudert, Jack Evans, Romain Gaillac, Jacques Covès, Isabelle Michaud-Soret, Dominique Luneau, Cédric DesrochesLars ÖhrströmView
2016Patient-centered health information systemsMedecine & HealthUniversity of LilleKarolinska InstitutetSylvia Pelayo, Marie-Catherine Zephir-Beuscart, Romaric Marcilly, Ludivine WatbledMaria HägglundView
2016Urban citizenship between participation and securitizationSocial SciencesUniversity Paris CitéLinköping UniversityChristophe FoultierView
2016Marcel Proust and the Eroticization of Chamber MusicHumanitiesEcole Normale Supérieure / University Paris-Est / Collège de FranceStockholm UniversityNathalie Mauriac Dyer / Stéphane Chaudier / Dirk Weissmann / Frédéric MarteauAxel EnglundView
2016Human factors and traffic safetyMedicine and HealthUniversity Caen Normandy / CHU Caen NormandyNational Road and Transport Research Institute VTIChantal Chavoix, Damien Davenne, Marie-Laure BocaTania Dukic WillstrandView
2016Classical and quantum kinetic equations and boundary layersMathematicsUniversity of Bordeaux / Ecole Polytechnique Paris / University Paris Cité / Paris Dauphine UniversityKarlstad UniversityStéphane Brull, Sebastien Guisset, Teddy Pichard, Francis Filbet, Bruno Dubroca, Luc Mieussens, Francois Golse, Laurent DesvillettesNiclas BernhoffView
2016Packaging of long linear chromosomal DNA moleculesBiologyNational Institute of Health and Medical Research INSERMSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)Aline ProbstClaudia Köhler, Lars Hennig, Juan Santos-Gonzalez, German Martinez AriasView
2016Relaxation dynamics in soft condensed matterPhysicsUniversity Grenoble-AlpesEuropean Spallation Source / Max-IV / Lund UniversityMarie PlazanetArno Hiess, Monica Hartl, Ken Andersen, Zoe Fischer, Anna Leung, Gerardina CarboneView
2016Reactivity of main-group organometallic reagentsChemistrySorbonne UniversityLund University / Stockholm University / KTH Royal Institute of TechnologyAlejandro Perez-LunaOla Wendt, Daniel Strand, Magnus Johnson, Jan Bäckvall, Belen Martin Matutte, Kalman Szabo, Christina Moberg, Peter Dinér, Licheng SunView
2016Electronic and optoelectronic materialsPhysicsGrenoble INP Graduate School of Engineering and ManagementUppsala UniversityDavid Munoz-RojasJonathan Scragg, Marika Edoff, Tobias TörndahlView
2016Trajectories and testimonies of Shoah survivorsSocial SciencesEcole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)Nordiska MuseetJudith LindenbergJonas Engman, Johannes HeumanView
2016Solid state visible light emissive materialsChemistryRennes Institute of Chemical SciencesUppsala UniversityChristophe LescopEszter Borbas, Sascha Ott, Andreas Orthaber, Anders Thapper, Henrik Ottoson, Arvind Gupta, Michele Bedin, Haining Tian, Leif HammarströmView
2016Radiofrequency and optical wireless communicationsPhysicsEcole Centrale MarseilleKTH Royal Institute of Technology / Linköping UniversityMohammad Ali KhalighiErik Larsson, Vangelis Angelakis, Valentin Polishchuk, Jens Zander, Slimane Ben Slimane, Cicek Cavdar, Ki Won Sung, Lena Wosinska, Marija FurdekView
2016Ionic and electronic conductors as catalysts in oxidation reactionsChemistrySaint-Gobain Research Provence CavaillonStockholm University / Luleå University of TechnologyHelena KaperLennart Bergström, Jonas Hedlund, Johanne MouzonView
2016Opioid receptors expressed by glial cells in chronic pain control and analgesia toleranceMedecine & HealthUniversity of StrasbourgKarolinska InstitutetClaire Gavériaux-RuffCamilla Svensson, Teresa Fernandez Zafra, Katarzyna Rogoz, Sally Abdelmoaty, Nilesh Agalave, Su Jie, Katalin SandorView
2016Eugenics in the human procreative cells marketSocial SciencesLaboratory of Social Anthropology (LAS)Södertörn University / Karlstad UniversityCorinne FortrierJenny Gunnarsson Pane, Ulrika Dahl, Wibke Straube, Liselotte OlssonView
2016Work disability preventionMedecine & HealthUniversity Claude Bernard Lyon ILinköping UniversityJean-Baptiste FassierAnna-Carin Fagerlind Ståhl, Ida Seing, Kerstin Ekberg, Pål Lindström, Stefan Blomberg, Charlotte Wåhlin, Ulf Flodin, Elisabeth LindbergView
2016Developmental psychology and learningEducationUniversity of LorraineUppsala UniversityJérôme DinetGustaf Gredebäck, Tanja Joelsson, Katarina Gustafson, Danielle van der Burgt, Martin KarlbergView
2016Enforcement and effectiveness of competition policyEconomy & FinanceUniversity Pairs-NanterreStockholm School of EconomicsAndreea Cosnita LanglaisRichard Friberg, Chloé Le Coq, Mark BernardView
2016The primordial starsAstrophysicsUniversity Savoie Mont-BlancStockholm University and KTHPascal ChardonnetPer-Erik Tegnér, Kjell Rosquist, Felix RydeView
2016Kinetic and hyperbolic equations in rarefied gases and plasma physicsMathematicsInstitut Polytechnique de BordeauxChalmers University of Technology / Karlstad UniversityStéphane BrullMohammad Asadzadeh, Leif Arkeryd, Alexei Heintz, Yosief Wondmafegne, Niclas Bernhoff, Alexander BobylevView
2016Sustainable manufacturing and production linesEngineeringInstitut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace-SUPAEROKTH Royal Institute of Technology / Linköping University / Mälardalen UniversityOlga BattaïaAntonio Maffei, Mikael Hedlind, Ou Tang, MAts Jackson, Jessica Bruch, Xi WangView
2016Integration and socialization of the Kurdish language in France and SwedenHumanitiesUniversity of RouenStockholm University / Mälardalen University / Linköping UniversitySalih AkinAnne Reath Warren, Osmqn Aytar, Khalid KhayatiView
2017Geographical origin and genomics of tropicbirdsBiologyMuséum national d’Histoire naturelle (MNHN)Swedish Museum of Natural HistoryJérôme Fuchs, Ben Warren, Pierre-Henri Fabre, Benoît NabholzUlf JohanssonView
2017Sports clubs and the promotion of healthSportUniversity of LorraineÖrebro UniversityAurélie Van Hoye, Marc Morieux, Joel Gaillard, Flore LecomteSusanna GeidneView
2017Ambient intelligence, smart applications and ubiquitous computingInformaticsCôte d’Azur UniversityHalmstad UniversityJean-Yves Tigli, Stéphane Lavirotte, Gérald Rochier, Franck DechavanneWagner Ourique de MoraisView
2017Decentralized and sustainable wastewater and source-separating sanitation systemsEngineeringIMT Atlantique Nantes / IRSTEA LyonLuleå University of TechnologyFlorent Chazarenc, Pascal MolleInga HerrmannView
2017New intermetallic materials for hydrogen storageChemistryInstitute of Chemistry and Materials Science (ICMPE)Uppsala UniversityClaudia Zlotea, Jean-Philippe Couzinie, Valérie Paul-BoncourMartin SahlbergView
2017Domestic tax incentives and EU state aid lawLawUniversity Aix Marseille / Sorbonne UniversityLund UniversityThierry Lambert, Jean-Luc Albert, Sandrine Maljean Dubois, Estelle BrossetCécile BrokelindView
2017Space communications, signal processing, software radio and new 5G waveformsEngineeringEurecomLuleå University of TechnologyLaura Cottatellucci, Petros Elia, David Gesbert, Dirk Slock, Florian KaltenbergerRickard NilssonView
2017Chiroptical spectroscopyInformaticsUniversity of Angers / University of RennesKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyNarcis Avarvari, Kévin Martin, Jeanne Crassous, Sylvain GaillardMathieu LinaresView
2017Soft-microrobots driven by electroactive polymersPhysicsUniversity of Lille / CY Cergy Paris University / University of ToulouseLinköping UniversityEric Cattan, Sébastien Grondel, Cedric Plesse, Pierre-Henri Aubert, Frédéric Vidal, Christian Berguad, Ali Maziz, Bertrand TonduEdwin JagerView
2017Food mycologyAgronomyUniversity of Western Brittany / Unversity of RennesSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)Emmanuel Coton, Monika Coton, Jérôme Mounier, Aymeric Menard, Florence Hellio, Christine Pissavin, Justine LouisAlbina BakeevaView
2017Rare Earth Element separation and resource recoveryEngineeringENS Geology LorraineKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyAlexandre Chagnes, Philippe Marion, Laurence Muhr, Jolanta SwiatowskaKerstin ForsbergView
2017Modelling of worn, manufactured and biological tissue surfacesMathematicsÉcole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Étienne (EMSE)Chalmers University of TechnologyYann GavetAnnika Lang, Peter HegartyView
2017Effects of climatic and mechanical variations on timber durabilityEngineeringUniversity Clermont AuvergneLuleå University of TechnologyRostand Moutou PittiDick Sandberg, Mats Ekevad, Olov KarlssonView
2017Attosecond physics, photoionization dynamics and characterizing Fano resonancesPhysicsSorbonne UniversityLund UniversityRichard TaïebAnne L’Huillier, Claudio VerdozziView
2017Proteins involved in the virulence and antibiotic resistance of Francisella tularensisMedecine & HealthUniversity of GrenobleUniversity of UmeåPatricia RenestoAnders Sjöstedt, Helena Lindgren, Jeanette Bröms, Igor Golovlev, Athar AlamView
2017Geographical gender and sexuality studiesSocial SciencesUniversity Paris I Panthéon SorbonneStockholm University / Malmö UniversityMarianne BlidonJonathan Metzger, Kirsi Pauliina Kallio, Guy Beaten, Gunnel ForsbergView
2017Metal-binding molecules: Book “The Rhubarb Connection and Other Revelations”ChemistryUniversity of GrenobleChalmers University of TechnologyJacques CovèsLars ÖhrströmView
2017Uncertainty quantification for cardiovascular modelsMedecine & HealthParis-Saclay UniversityKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyDidier LucorJohan Hoffman, Matilda Larsson, Frida SvelanderView
2017Oral bioaccessibility of toxic compounds in indoor settled dustMedecine & HealthScientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB)Swedish Toxicology Sciences Research Center (SWETOX)Corinne Mandin, Barbara Le Bot, Gaëlle RaffyÅsa Gustafsson, Annette Krais, Åke BergmanView
2017Cellular functions of the ribosome (PFAR) in amyloid-based diseasesMedecine & HealthUniversity of Western BrittanyUppsala UniversityCécile VoissetSuparna SanyalView
2017Oral bioaccessibility of toxic compounds in indoor settled dustMedecine & HealthFrench School of Public Health Studies (EHESP)Swedish Toxicology Sciences Research Center (SWETOX)Barbara Le Bot, Gaëlle Raffy, Corinne MandinÅsa Gustafsson, Annette Krais, Åke BergmanView
2017Collagen type VI-related neuromuscular disordersMedecine & HealthNational Institute of Health and Medical Research INSERMLund University / Karolinska InstitutetValérie AllamandMadeleine Durbeej-Hjalt, Kinga Gawlik, Cibely Fontes Oliveria, András SimonView
2017Zeolite and acid catalysisChemistryUniversity of StrasbourgLuleå University of TechnologyBenoît LouisOlov Öhrmann, Johanne Mouzon, Jonas HedlundView
2017Molecular-level characterization of complex materials’ microstructure and transportsChemistryUniversity of Savoie Mont-BlancLund University / Chalmers / KTH Royal Institute of TechnologySylvie NeyertzPatric Jannasch, Baozhong Zhang, Patrik Johansson, Ulf Gedde, Fritjof NilssonView
2017Antidiscrimination policies and ethnoracial classificationsSocial SciencesNational Demographic Institute INEDStockholm University / Malmö University / Lund UniversityPatrick SimonErik Olsson, Alireza Bethoui, Tuomas Martikainen, Tobias Hübinette, Pieter Bevelander, Per Norberg, Eva SchömerView
2017Higgs sector of the Standard Model of Particle PhysicsPhysicsCNRS – University Lyon IChalmers University / Lund UniversityGiacomo CacciapagliaGabriele Ferretti, Hudo Serôdio, Roman PasechnikView
2017Thin film plasma deposition method of HiPIMSPhysicsUniversité Paris-SaclayLinköping UniversityDaniel LundinUlf HelmerssonView
2017Evolutionary and behavioral habitat choices of the collared flycatcherBiodiversityUniversité Claude Bernard Lyon IUppsala UniversityJennifer MorinayLars Gustafsson, Suvi RuuskanenView
2018Cybersecurity and computational networksInformaticsICT Research Centre EurecomLund UniversityMelek Önen, Aurélien FrancillonNicolae PaladiView
2018Protein materials as delivery agentsChemistryMontpellier UniversityLinköping UniversityEvelina ColacinoNiclas SolinView
2018Knowledge Representation & ReasoningInformaticsComputer Science Research Institute of LensÖrebro UniversityDaniel le BerreMichael SioutisView
2023Effects of financial frictions on young firms’ innovation and pivoting strategiesEconomy & FinanceHEC ParisStockholm School of EconomicsVincent MaurinAlvin ChenView
2023Spectral Induced Polarization (SIP) for mineral explorationOcean and Earth SciencesBordeaux INP ENSEGID, BRGM OrléansLund UniversityTina MartinView
2023Digitally printed antibacterial textilesChemistryUniversity of LorraineUniversity of BoråsMihayl VarbanovTuser BiswasView
2023Wireless communication systems designInformaticsSorbonne UniversityChalmers University of TechnologySiqi WangThomas ErikssonView
2023FINOLA hemp fiber: from waste to technical textilesEngineeringEcole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles ENSAIT / Centre Européen des Textiles Innovants CETI / University of LorraineUniversity of BoråsVladan Koncar, Xianyi Zeng, Maude Vulliet, Zitouni AzariMay KahoushView
2023Fashion Big Data Business ModelEconomy & FinanceÉcole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles (ENSAIT)University of BoråsXianyi ZengSara HarperView
2023The acoustic properties of designed-anisotropy porous mediaPhysicsLe Mans UniversityKTH Royal Institute of Technology/Marcus Wallenberg LaboratoryMathieu GaboritPeter Göransson, Stefan JakobView
2023The survival of honeybee coloniesBiodiversityINRAE (ex INRA)Uppsala University/SLUThibault LeroyBarbara Locke, Matthew WebsterView
2023Reduced-order modelling of Finite Element problemsEngineeringLe Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM)KTH Royal Institute of TechnologyJean-François DeüRomain RumplerView
2023Methods for adversarial trainingInformaticsINRIA/École normale supérieure de ParisUppsala UniversityFrancis BachAntonio Horta RibeiroView
2018Surface analysis of bacterial systemsChemistryLorraine UniversityUmeå UniversityFabienne Quilès, Grégory Francius, Sofiane El-Kirat-Chatel, and Martine MalletMadeleine RamstedtView
2023Viral infection, vaccination, and flare of autoimmune diseaseBiologyUniversité de Paris/InsermKarolinska InstitutetArthur MageauElisabeth V. ArkemaView
2023Edge ComputingInformaticsInstitut Polytechnique de Paris (Télécom SudParis)KTHAyoub Ben AmeurGyörgy DánView
2023Vaccine hesitancySocial SciencesUniversité Paris-SaclayLund UniversityElisabeth Astagneau-Delarocque and Sylvain GautierMia-Marie HammarlinView
2018Thin Film TechnologiesThin Film TechnologiesPierre et Marie Curie University, Poitiers University and Studium Conference (Tours)Linköping UniversityFabien Giovanelli (among others)Arnaud Le FebvrierView
2018Mirror SymmetryMathematicsRennes University and Sorbonne UniversityChalmers UniversityGerard Freixas Montplet and Christophe MourouganeDennis ErikssonView
2018Chemical EngineeringEngineeringINRAE, Rennes / INSA, ToulouseKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyClaire Dumas (among others)Zeynep Cetecioglu-GurolView
2018Magnetic Resonance ImagingMathematicsParis-Sud UniversityChalmers University of TechnologyGeneviève Guillot (among others)Larisa BeilinaView
2018Friction and Ionic LiquidsChemistryÉcole Centrale de LyonKTHJuliette Cayer Barrioz (among others)Mark RutlandView
2018Electromagnetic EngineeringEngineeringSorbonne University/CNES/University Rennes/INSA and Thales Alenia SpaceKTHJulien Sarrazin (among others)Oscar Quevedo-TeruelView
2018High Speed Optical CommunicationPhysicsFOTON Institute (CNRS/Rennes University/INSA)Rise Acreo ABLaurent Bramerie (among others)Oskars OzolinsView
2018Next Generation Battery ElectrolytesPhysicsICNaB, Saint-MaloChalmers UniversityPatrik JohanssonView
2018Computer Science and Medical ApplicationInformaticsUniversité Clermont AuvergneUppsala UniversityAntoine VacavantRobin Strand (among others)View
2018Molecular ModellingPhysicsLille UniversityGothenburg UniversityCéline ToubinJan Pettersson (among others)View
2018Chlamydia trachomatis infectionMedecine & HealthCNRS/ Université Paris-CitéUmeå UniversityNawal SerradjiÅsa Gylfe and Mikael Elofsson (among others)View
2018Computer ScienceInformaticsToulouse UniversityUppsala UniversityRiad MokademKjell Orsborn (among others)View
2018Software EngineeringInformaticsUniversité de Valenciennes/ CNRSKTHMatias MartinezMartin Monperrus (among others)View
2018Thermoelectric materialEngineeringCNRS/Caen UniversityStockholm University and KTHEmmanuel GuilmeauMirva Eriksson (among others)View
2018Health and neuropsychiatric disordersMedecine & HealthCNRS/ Bordeaux UniversityGothenburg UniversityLaurent GrocErik Hanse (among others)View
2018Solar cellsPhysicsAngers UniversityUppsala UniversityMihaela GirtanGerrit Boschloo, Claes Grandqvist and Charlotte Platzer Bjorkman (among others)View
2018ElectromagneticsEngineeringCNRS and Rennes UniversityKTHMauro EttoreOscar Quevedo-Teruel (among others)View
2018Green chemistry/ MechanochemistryChemistryMontpellier UniversityLinköping UniversityEvelina ColacinoNiclas Solin (among others)View
2018Parasites and AnthelminticsAgronomyINRAE (ex INRA)SLU, UppsalaClaude CharvetEva Tydén (among others)View
2018NeurosurgeryMedecine & HealthMontpellier UniversityKarolinska InstitutetFrancois BonnetblancGaston SchechtmannView
2018Fluid dynamics and turbulent transportPhysicsCNRSGothenburg UniversityJérémie BecBernhard Mehling (among others)View
2018Natural Language ModellingInformaticsLorraine UniversityGothenburg UniversityMaxime AmblardEllen Breitholtz, Chris Howes and Robin CooperView
2018Solar energyChemistryParis Diderot UniversityUmeå and Uppsala UniversityDelphine SchamingAndré Ohlin (among others)View
2018Disability and InnovationInformaticsParis 8 UniversityStockholm University and KTHAnis RojbiMario Romero, Sebastian Mejier and Hercules DalianisView
2018Smart materials and textile designPhysicsÉcole Nationale Supérieure des Arts DécoratifsUniversity of Borås and Linköping UniversityAurélie MosséDelia Dumitrescu, Edwin Jager and Anders Elfwing (among others)View
2018Heat transfer in buildingsPhysicsPoitiers UniversityMalmö and Lund Universities and KTHMyriam LazardResearchers from the Nordic InstitutionsView
2018Biomass valorizationChemistryToulouse UniversityChalmers, Gothenburg and Stockholm University and KTHDominique AgustinResearchers from the four Nordic InstitutionsView
2018Theoretical chemistryChemistryCNRS and Angers UniversityKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyNarcis AvarvariMathieu Linares and Patrick NormanView
2018PhD thesis in acousticsEngineeringLe Mans UniversitéKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyMathieu GaboritPeter GöranssonView
2018Supervision of a PhD thesis in acousticsEngineeringUniversité du Maine, Le MansKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyOlivier DazelPeter Göransson (among others)View
2018Supervision of a PhD thesisSocial SciencesParis-Saclay UniversitySLU UmeåSamuel RoturierTorbjörn Josefsson (among others)View
2018Fire management and reindeer herding in Malå in the 20th centuryEnvironmentParis-Sud UniversitySLU UmeåSarah CogosView
2019Banking before banksEconomy & FinanceÉcole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)Umeå UniversityLaurence Fontaine, Matteo Pompermaier and Yane SvetievElise Dermineur ReuterswärdView
2019Family and parent leave policiesSocial SciencesINEDStockholm UniversityCarole Bonnet (among others)Ann-Zofie DuvanderView
2019Syrian Cultural HeritageSocial SciencesStrasbourg University and MISHAGothenburg UniversityPhilippe Quenet (among others)Anas Al KhabourView
2019Organizing design and designing organizationsEconomy & FinanceMines ParisTechGothenburg UniversityFabian Muniesa (among others)Ulises Navarro AguiarView
2019Medical electronicsMedecine & HealthCNRS, ToulouseUppsala UniversityChristian Bergaud (among others)Hithesh Kumar GattyView
2019Waste valorisationEnvironmentIMT Atlantique, Algosolis and IRSTEAUniversity of BoråsReseachers from the three institutionsJorge FerreiraView
2019Joint progam in mathematicsMathematicsUniversité Paris-Sud, OrsayChalmers UniversityDaniel Fiorilli and Lucile DevinAnders SödergrenView
2019The PDMC methodAstrophysicsENS and Institut d´Astrophysique de ParisStockholm UniversityManon Michel and Guilhem Lavaux (among others)Jens JascheView
2019Puumala hantavirusMedecine & HealthINRAE MontpellierSLU UmeåNathalie Charbonnel and three other researchersFrauke EckeView
2019Accessibility and Technology in HealthcareMedecine & HealthUniversité Paris 8 and Sorbonne UniversityKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyResearchers from Université Paris 8 and Sorbonne UniversityMario RomeroView
2019Sparsity ProblemInformaticsIRIT and INP-ENSEEIHTLund UniversityJean-Yves Tourneret, Herwig Wendt and Emmanuel SoubiesMarcus CarlssonView
2019Antimicrobial resistanceMedecine & HealthINRA ToursSLU UppsalaCedric Neveu (among others)Eva TydénView
2019Acoustical materialsEngineeringUniversity of LorraineUniversity of GävleRenata Bunoiu (among others)Irina PetterssonView
2019Marine environments and seafoodOcean and Earth SciencesUniversité de Brest, IFREMER and the Biological Station of RoscoffGothenburg UniversityReseachers from the three institutionsAlyssa JoyceView
2019Frame SemanticsInformaticsINRIA NancyGothenburg UniversitySylvain PogodallaResearchers and students from Gothenburg UniversityView
2019Oncological NeurosurgeryMedecine & HealthUniversité de MontpellierKarolinska InstitutetFrancois BonnetblancMargret Jensdottir and Jonas PerssonView
2019Molecular BiophysicsBiologyCNRS, OrléansStockholm UniversitySvetlana EliseevaProf. Anja-Verena Mudring and other researchersView
2019Software engineeringInformaticsUniversité Polytechnique Hauts-de-FranceKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyMatias MartinezSeveral researchers from KTHView
2019Medical ImagingMedecine & HealthParis-Saclay UniversityChalmers University of Technology/Gothenburg UniversityKati NiinimäkiResearchers from the Nordic InstitutionsView
2019Plants genomicsBiologyINRA IGEPP RennesStockholm UniversityJulie Ferreira de CarvalhoTanja Slotte, Jörg Bachmann, Marco Fracassetti och Robert HorvathView
2019Infectious modelsMedecine & HealthUniversité Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and INRASLU UppsalaFabienne ArcherJean-Francois Valarcher and Sara HägglundView
2019The FMD disease and ovine cellsBiologyÉcole nationale vétérinaire d´AlfortSLU UppsalaEve LaloyJ.-F Valarcher, Sara Hägglund, Karin Vargmar and Cecilia LeyView
2019Cardiovascular modelsMedecine & HealthCNRS-Orsay and Université Paris-SaclayKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyDidier LucorJohan Hoffman and Frida SvelanderView
2019Waste valorizationEnvironmentIMT Atlantique NantesChalmers University and Borås UniversityAudrey VillotResearchers from the two Nordic InstitutionsView
2019Data science and Health InformaticsInformaticsUniversité Bourgogne Franche-ComtéStockholm UniversityChristophe GuyeuxProf. Papapetrou and Prof. DalianisView
2019Catalysis phenomenonChemistryUniversité de PoitiersUniversity of Stockholm, Chalmers UniversityGwendoline LafayeAdam Slabon and Magnus SkoglundhView
2019Sport clubs and health promotionsSportUniversity of LorraineUniversity of ÖrebroAurélie Van HoyeView
2019Parietal structures studyChemistryLorraine University, CNRSUmeå UniversityFabienne QuilèsMadeleine Ramstedt and Erik BjörnView
2019Mechanical behaviour of wood and civil engineering constructionEngineeringUniversité Clermont Auvergne (UCA), CNRSLuleå University of TechnologyRostand Moutou PittiView
2019Nanoconfined molecular phasesPhysicsCNRS, Rennes 1 UniversityChalmers University of TechnologyDenis MorineauProf. Aleksandar Matic and Prof. Jan SwensonView
2019Truncated thioredoxin-like protein Rod-derived Cone Viability FactorBiologyInstitut de la Vision, Sorbonne UniversityKarolinska InstitutetThierry LéveillardProf. Arne HolmgrenView
2019Molecular signature of human skin cellsBiologyUniversité Claude Bernard Lyon 1Karolinska InstitutetJérôme LamartineMaria KasperView
2019Post-translational modifications in the regulation of mitochondrial DNA gene expressionBiologyInstitut de Biologie Intégrative de la CelluleKarolinska InstitutetInge KühlProf. Nils-Göran Larsson and Dr. Akos VegvariView
2019Education, Sport and HealthSportUniversité Claude Bernard Lyon 1Karlstad University, Halmstad UniversityEmma Guillet-DescasProf H. Gustafsson and Prof. X. SanchezView
2019Astatine-211, radiolabeling and automations techniquesPhysicsINSERMGöteborg UniversitetJean-François GestinSture Lindegren and Holger JensesView
2019Influence of cooperation regarding viral infectionsChemistryENS ParisUmeå UniversityJacques fattaccioliMarta Bally´s groupView
2019Graduate studies and transition to employment for young people in SwedenEducationUniversité de BordeauxStockholm UniversityRomain DellesElisabeth Hultqvist, Carina Carlhed Ydhag and Ali OsmanView
2020Image and characterization of molecular structures of amyloid proteinsMedecine & HealthSoleil Synchrotron, SMSI beamlineLund UniversityDr. Ferenc BorondicsOxana KlementievaView
2020User experience of a specific circular economy value chainHumanitiesKedge Business SchoolLinköping UniversityDr. Ponsignon and Dr. SalignacHugo GuyaderView
2020AcousticsEngineeringLe Mans UniversitéKTHDr. Zorgnotti & Pr. GabardMathieu GaboritView
2020Electronic structure, conical intersections, and molecular dynamicsChemistryCEISAM, Université de NantesUppsala UniversityDr. Morgane Vacher and Prof. Martin FieldIgnacio Galvan FernandezView
2020Experimental quantum optics and quantum communicationPhysicsUniversité Bourgogne Franche-ComtéStockholm UniversityAmélie PiveteauView
2020Gut microbiota, hypothalmic oxytocin neurons and Autism Spectrum DisordersBiologyUniversité de RouenKarolinska InstitutetCassandre MorelRochellys Diaz HeijtzView
2020Developing reduced-order modelling of complex fluids by machine learningEngineeringLIMSI, CNRS, Paris-Saclay UniveristyChalmers University, KTHOnofrio SemeraroSinisa Krajnovic and Luca BrandtView
2020Lymphoid organsBiologyCNRS, University of StrasbourgUppsala University, Karolinska InstitutetChristopher MuellerMaria Ulvmar, Anna Dimberg and Maria KasperView
2020Composite MaterialsChemistryIRT Jules VerneRise Sicomp, KTH, IVLSandy MoisanView
2020Biopolymer ChemistryBiologyUniversity of BurgundyChalmers UniversityNasreddine BenbettaiebProf. Anette Larsson and Prof. Gunnar WestmanView
2021Permafrost thaw and Artic ecosytemsOcean and Earth SciencesCongrès mondial de la nature, MarseilleNordregioJustine RamageView
2021Engineering on Fire. Thermoplastics, thermoset polymers.EngineeringUniversity of LorraineUniversity of BoråsHenri VahabiProf. SkrifvarsView
2021NursingMedecine & HealthURC-ECO, Université Paris CitéKarolinska InstitutetDr. Kentish-BarnesLars ErikssonView
2021Bio and Nano electrochemistryChemistryUniversité de Nantes, CEISAMGothenburg UniversityEstelle LebègueAndrew EwingView
2021Lyme DiseaseEconomy & FinanceParis-Saclay UniversityGothenburg UniversityMarc LeandriDaniel Slunge, Anders Boman and Thomas SternerView
2021Portrait miniatures and limning in early modern EuropeHumanitiesSorbonne Université, LARCA (CNRS)NationalmuseumAnne-Valérie DulacView
2021Regulation of the ANS response to physical activityMedicine and HealthUniversité Jean Monnet, Saint-EtienneKarolinska InstitutetDavid HupinMagnus BäckView
2021Microbial ecosystems and bioprocessesBiologyLBE-INRAEMälardalen University, VästeråsJérôme HarmandView
2021Sterol biosynthesis and homeostasisBiologyStrasbourg UniversityLund UniversityAurélien BlaryView