Presentation of the programs


Promoting French-Swedish Research

The SFVE-AEva de la Gardie and Sophie Germain programs of the French Institute in Sweden aim to foster scientific and academic cooperation between France and Sweden. They give researchers the opportunity to develop their international network. The programs are open to all academic disciplines and research topics, from natural sciences to humanities, including STEM.

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Our program names have changed!

FRÖ, ÖMSE, TOR and GALAN programs are now under the same umbrella name: the SFVE-A (Svensk Fransk Vetenskap – Anslag) program. One name, multiple possibilities.

SFVE-A aims to strengthen long-term scientific and academic cooperations between French and Swedish researchers through a mobility experience in France or Sweden.

The French Institute Nordic Award (FINA)

science encounter at the Residence of France in Stockholm was held on 20 June 2023 on the theme of circular economy.

The conference was held on occasion of the awarding of the annual FINA prize of 2023 for Sweden to Mr Pierre Oesterle.

The Nordic French Institutes jointly organized a mobility at the end of September 2023 to Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand for Mr Oesterle and the four other Nordic laureates, Tran Hong Thang (Denmark), Sharib Khan (Estonia), Jenni Kaipainen (Finland) and Olga Odrzygozdz (Norway). They visited a range of laboratories, research institutes and universities, where they had the opportunity to network, coordinate their research and initiate new collaborations.

The FINA recognizes the quality of the work carried out by young researchers established in a Nordic institution. Moreover, it aims to promote cultural and scientific cooperation between France and the Nordic countries by participating in the funding of research mobilities in France. For additional details, including application criteria, annual research themes and past projects, please see FINA’s main page here.


Presentation of the programs

For researchers established in France and Sweden


The SFVE-A program is intended for researchers in France or Sweden who wish to establish or deepen a scientific or an academic collaboration between both countries. Depending on the researcher and his/her project, the program can take various forms. For researchers with a PHD, it can be a short or long visit, or a scientific workshop in order to prepare large-scale projects (bilateral, regional or European). Concerning PHD students, it must be a double degree PHD between a French and a Swedish institution or an application for the “European doctorate” label.

For researchers established in Sweden

Eva de la Gardie

The Eva de la Gardie program is the result of the collaboration between the French Institute in Sweden and the Swedish Institute in Paris. It corresponds to a one-month stay in Paris, in November. It is intended for researchers with a PhD established in a Swedish Institution (e.g. university, research laboratory, etc).

Sophie Germain

The Sophie Germain program is the result of a collaboration between the French Institute in Sweden and the Swedish House of the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP). It corresponds to a one-month stay in Paris, in June. It is intended for researchers with a PHD established in a Swedish institution (e.g. university, research laboratory, etc.).

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For additional details, including application criteria, accommodations conditions, grant amounts and application procedures, please see each program’s specific page: