Completed projects

Completed mobility programs between France and Finland are available in the table below. Feel free to find out more about the scientific and academic projects and the researchers who conducted them.

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YearCountriesProjectResearch TopicFrench InstitutionNordic InstitutionFrench ResearcherNordic Researcher
2021Third Statistical Learning for Signal and Image ProcessingInformaticsIdex Paris SaclayFinnish SocietyView
2022Wave physics and imaging applicationsPhysicsINSERM, LabTau Lyon, CNRS, TUM Munich, Sisprobe GrenobleUniversity of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Eastern FinlandView
2017Strengthening collaboration on innovative wood quality researchEngineeringINRALUKEJean-Paul CharpentierMarkku KeinänenView
2019PHILOSOPHY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYSocial SciencesUniversity of DauphineUniversity of LaplandView
2022Spatial Statistics and Image Analysis in BiologyBiologyINRALukeView
2022Gravity Spectroscopy and Interferometry with Atoms and NeutronsChemistryInstitut Laue Langevin (ILL Grenoble), Laboraotire Kastler Brossel (LKB Paris)University of Turku (UTU Turku)View
2021Structured light and its applicationPhysicsCentrale MarseilleTampere UniversityView
2021EntomovectoringBiologyUniversity of Eastern FinlandHeikki Hokkanen and Ingeborg Menzler-HokkanenView
2022Higher education and language practiciesHumanitiesUniversité Lumière Lyon 2University of JyväskyläAnna MazenodTaina SaarinenView
2020Leveraging ambient sound analysis in speech processing for hearing aidsEngineeringUniversity of Toulouse, CNRSTampere UniversityPaul MagronTuomas VirtanenView
2021Ant colonies, superorganismBiologyInstitut francilien d'éthologie, Sorbonne UniversityUniversity of OuluPatrizia d'EttorreHeikki HelanteräView
2022Structural bioinformaticsBiologyCNRSUniversity of HelsinkiSergei GrudininJuha HuiskonenView
2019Cosmological analyses of the CODEX surveyAstrophysicsIRAP CNRS/Université de Toulouse/CNESUniversity of Helsinki, Department of PhysicsNicolas ClercAlexis FinoguenovView
2019Modelling coupled physical-biogeochemical sea-ice processesPhysicsLOCEAN-IPSLFinnish Environment Institute SYKEMartin VancoppenolleLetizia TedescoView
2019Mathematical study of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)MathematicsToulouse Mathematics Institute, Toulouse UniversityInverse Problems research group, Aalto UniversityJérémi DardéNuutti HyvönenView
2019Monitoring the impact of ongoing environmental changes on a wild population of Eider ducks (Somateria mollissima): a French-Finnish ecophysiological collaboration.BiologyCentre d’Etudes Biologiques de Chizé, CNRS- Université de La RochelleEnvironmental and Marine Biology, Åbo Akademi UniversityFrédéric AngelierMarkus ÖstView
2019Analysis of human scale-free brain dynamicsNeurosciencesCEA/NeuroSpin & INRIANeuroscience Center, HiLIFE –Helsinki Institute of Life Science, University of HelsinkiPhilippe CiuciuSatu Palva & Matias PalvaView
2019Comparative multidisciplinary research on Grand Paris and Suur-Helsinki [Greater Helsinki] and the multicultural histories of metropolises in EuropeSocial SciencesAUSSER lab, CNRS/French Ministry of CultureUniversity of HelsinkiKaren BowiePia OlssonView
2022Smart textilesChemistryCERMAV (Grenoble), CNRSVTT (Espoo)Issei OtsukaTapio Makelä and Olli IkkalaView
2019Osteosarcoma (OS) – aggressive cancer of the boneBiologyLaboratoire d'étude des sarcomes osseux et remodelage des tissus calcifiés, INSERM/Université de NantesFaculty of Medicine, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases, University of HelsinkiValerie TrichetSippy KaurView
2019Industry 4.0: the question of the integrated automation of the manufacturing systemEngineeringIAE Lyon School of Management, Jean Moulin UniversityFaculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, University of TampereJean-Pierre MicaëlliEric CoatanéaView
2019Plant virologyBiochemistryINRADivision of Microbiology, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry,University of HelsinkiSylvie German-RetanaKristiina MäkinenView
2019Radioactive waste disposal in clay host rocksNuclear PhysicsGeoRessources Lab, Université de Lorraine/CNRSVTT, Nuclear SafetyDragan GrgicMarkus OlinView
2019Role of the tumour microenvironment on cancer progressionBiologyCell Migration and Invasion laboratory, Cell Biology department, Institut CurieTurku Centre for Biotechnology, University of TurkuDanijela VignjevicJames ConwayView
2019Indigenous law, internal and external views about the Sami, Arctic cultural studiesLawCEARC (Cultures, Environnements, Arctique, Représentations, Climat) research laboratory, Observatoire de Versailles Saint-Quentin (OVSQ)University of LaplandJan BormTuija Hautala-HirviojaView
2019Simulation and validation of ferroelectric behaviour of a ground-breaking materialElectricc EngineeringLaboratoire de Génie Electrique et Ferroélectricité, INSA LyonMicroelectronics Research Unit, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of OuluBenjamin DucharneYang BaiView
2019Solar eruptions and space weatherAstrophysicsLaboratoire de Physique des Plasma, Ecole PolytechniqueUniversity of HelsinkiDominique FontaineEmilia KilpuaView
2019Hybrid active matterPhysicsLaboratoire Physico Chimie Curie, Institut Curie, PSL Research University, CNRSAalto University School of Science – Department of Applied PhysicsFrançoise Brochard-WyartJaakko TimonenView
2019Development of Advanced Lignocellulosic BioproductsChemistryUniversity of Lille and ENSCL (National Chemistry School of LilleChemical Engineering; Bioproducts and Biosystems - Aalto UniversityVeronique RatajOrlando RojasView
2019Energy efficiency in IoT networks and cyber-securityCybersecurityINRIALUT UniversitySamir PerlazaPedro NardelliView
2019Functional luminescent materials researchChemistryUMR CNRS/ Rennes University/INSA– Institute of Chemical Sciences of RennesUniversity of Eastern FinlandChristophe LescopIgor KoshevoyView
2019Mathematics : finite square principlesMathematicsDepartment of Mathematics, University of Paris DiderotDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics, University of HelsinkiBoban VelickovicJuliette KennedyView
2022Molecular Materials and MagnetismChemistryCentre de recherche Paul Pascal (Bordeaux)University of JyväskyläRodolphe CléracAaron MailmanView
2019Space Weather Effects on the Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation in the ArcticAstrophysicsIRAP, ToulouseUniversity of OuluAurelie MarchaudonAnita AikioView
2019Neurodevelopmental disorders, focusing on genetic disorders comorbid with autismNeuroscienceInstitut de Pharmacologie et Cellulaire /INSERM -CNRSFaculty of Medicine, University of HelsinkiBarbara BardoniMaija CastrénView
2019Circular Bioeconomy – a tool for innovation based growth and wellbeing in France and FinlandBioeconomyINRAVTT, LUKEAndreas Kleinschmit von LengefeldAnne-Christine RitschkoffView
2019Systems Analysis and the Lyon Model of Music EducationMusicologyLyon ConservatorySibelius Academy, ArtsEqual project leader, University of the Arts HelsinkiMartin GalmicheHeidi WesterlundView
2019Bringing Small Satellites to Deep Space and to the Solar System ExplorationAstrophysicsParis observatoryDept. of Electronics and Nanoengineering, Aalto UniversityDaniel HestrofferJaan PraksView
2019Cultural diversity and languagesIntercultutralSorbonne UniversityEuropean School of HelsinkiLoïc DepeckerJean-Philippe PayetteView
2019Education – Learning to learnEducationClermont Auvergne UniversityLFF / Helsinki UniversityMichel FayolMatthias QuemenerView
2019Micobiology, genetics/genomics, cell biology, immunology and experimental medicineBiologyCollège de France / Pasteur InstituteTHLPhilippe SansonnettiMika SalminenView
2022CIRAD research exchangeEconomyCIRAD MontpellierUniversity of HelsinkiIsabelle Vagneron and Franck GaltierBodo SteinerView
2022Novel AP-SALD approachChemistryGrenoble INP, CNRSAalto UniversityDavid Munoz-RojasMaarit KarppinenView
2021Behavior of family firms during the pandemicEconomyLEST (Aix-Marseille University)LUT UniversityKarine Guiderdoni-JourdainTanja LeppäahoView
2022Multilinguisme et FrancophonieHumanitiesEHESSUniversity of Helsinki and Åbo Akademi UniversityCécile Van der AvenneFriederike Lüpke and Meri LarjavaaraView
2017Computer Science, Multiobjective optimizationComputer scienceLaboratoire des Sciences du Numérique, CNRS/University of NantesFaculty of Information Technology, University of JyväskyläXavier GandibleuxKaisa MiettinenView
2017Novel method for turbulence estimationAstrophysicsLaboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM), CNRS/Aix-Marseille UniversityInverse Problems group, Department of Mathematics, University of HelsinkiCarlos CorreiaJonatan LehtonenView
2017Combination of software engineering and sustainable development and their applicationComputer scienceComputer science department, CNRS/Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-CambrésisLappeenranta University of TechnologyChristophe KolskiJari PorrasView
2017Improving the modelling of Gen IV nuclear reactorsNuclear PhysicsSUBATECH Laboratory, CNRS IN2P3, Ecole des Mines de Nantes, Université de NantesAalto University + VTTLydie GIOTJaakko LeppänenView
2017Gender studiesGender studiesLEGS (Laboratoire d'études de genre et de sexualité), CNRS/ Université Paris OuestDepartment of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies - University of HelsinkiMarta SegarraTuija PulkkinenView
2017Study of core-collapse supernovaeAstrophysicsGANIL, CaenUniversity of JyväskyläBeyhan BASTINAnu KankainenView
2017Application of non-equilibrium physics to materials, avalanche dynamics and precursors of failurePhysicsInterdisciplinary Physics Institute (LIPhy), University Grenoble AlpesAalto University, Department of Applied PhysicsKirsten MartensMikko AlavaView
2017Physical chemistry of polymers in solutionChemistryInstitut de Sciences Analytiques et de Physico-Chimie pour l’Environnement et les Matériaux, CNRS/Université de Pau et des Pays de l'AdourDepartment of Chemistry, University of HelsinkiOleg V. BORISOVVladimir AseyevView
2017Experimental campaign at SOLEIL synchrotron facilityNanosciencesInstitut des NanoSciences de Paris (INSP), Agrégats et Surfaces sous excitations intensesNano- and Molecular Systems Research Unit, Faculty of Science, University of OuluAnna LévyMinna PATANENView
2017Parasitology, biochemistry, proteomics (FR) and materials chemistry, nanotechnology, and pharmaceutically active compounds (FI)ChemistryDepartment of Parasitology-Micology, University of Montpellier 1Department of Chemistry, University of HelsinkiPatrick BASTIENAndriy GRAFOVView
2017Cosmogenic radionuclides as proxy for solar variability: marriage of measurements and modellingAstrophysicsCEREGE (Centre Européen de Recherche et d'Enseignement des Géosciences de l'Environnement) - Aix-Marseille Université / CNRS / IRD / Collège de France / INRAUniversity of Oulu - ReSoLVE (Research on SOlar Long-term Variability and Effects)Mélanie BaroniIlya UsoskinView
2017Hydrogen embrittlement researchNuclear PhysicsCEA-Saclay, Laboratoire d’Étude de la Corrosion AqueuseVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Department of Nuclear SafetyFrantz MartinCaitlin HurleyView
2017Endoplasmic reticulumBiologyInstitut de Biologie Integrative de la CelluleMinerva Foundation Institute for Medical Research - University of HelsinkiFrancesca GiordanoVesa OlkkonenView
2017Experimental protein structure determinationBiologyCNRS- University of LilleUniversity of OuluMarc LensinkTuomo GlumoffView
2017Collaborative epide-miological research of asthma and allergyMedical BiologyInstitute for Advanced Biosciences - CNRS-INSERM-Grenoble Alpes UniversityHelsinki University Hospital and Haartman Institute, University of HelsinkiValérie SirouxSanna Toppila-SalmiView
2017Research collaboration on development of new aerosol particle countersPhysicsCNRS-University Paris Est Creteil, University Paris-DiderotUniversity of Helsinki, Department of PhysicsMichel AttouiJuha KangasluomaView
2017Sudden shifts in the climateClimatologyENS LyonFinnish Meteorological InstituteFreddy BouchetSvante HenrikssonView
2017The importance of science & innovation in the contexte of global issuesPhysicsAcadémie des SciencesCatherine BRECHIGNACView
2017Bose-Einstein condensation in unusual circumstancesNuclear PhysicsInstitut de Physique ThéoriqueUniversities of Helsinki and JyväskyläJean-Paul BLAIZOTView
2017Europe of research: challenges and perspectivesMathematicsJean-Pierre BOURGUIGNONView
2017Holographic dense QCD and neutron starsAstrophysicsEcole Normale Supérieure, CNRSUniversity of Helsinki & Helsinki Institute of PhysicsCostas BachasNiko JokelaView
2017Strengthening collaboration on innovative wood quality researchAgronomyINRA OrléansLUKEJean Paul CharpentierAnni Harju and Martti VenäläinenView
2017Use of biomass for the production of chemicals and fuels by including process intensification and safety aspectsChemistryLaboratoire de Sécurité des Procédés Chimiques LSPC INSA RouenÅbo Akademi UniversitySébastien LeveneurTapio SalmiView
2017Future directions of Invariant Coordinate Selection and related methodsEconomicsToulouse School of EconomicsUniversity of TurkuAnne Ruiz-GazenKlaus NordhausenView
2018Computer science in musicMusicologyGrame, Centre national de création musicale, LyonUniversity of the ArtsYann OrlareyVesa NORILOView
2018Arctic sustainability sciencesArctic + SDCEARC (Cultures, Environment, Arctic, Representation, Climate Centre) at Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-YvelineHelsinki UniversityJean-Paul VanderlindenDorothée CAMBOUView
2018Challenges and opportunities for bioeconomy by exploring the lignocellulosic biomassBiologyINRA and Université de Reims Champagne ArdenneVTTGabriel PaesAnne Christine RITSCHKOFFView
2018Theoretical chemistry, relativistic effectsChemistryCEA/Saclay, FranceUniversity of HelsinkiJean-Pierre DOGNONPekka PyykköView
2018Sciences historyHistoryLorraine UniversityJyväskylä UniversityJean-Michel WittmanOsmo PEKONENView
2018Greenhouse Gas emissions from livestockEnvironmentINRA Clermont-ferrandLUKEMaguy EugeneAlireza BAYATView
2018Research related to nuclear fuelsNuclear PhysicsCEA MarcouleAalto UniversityPhilippe MARTINR. Bes and Prof. F. TuomistoView
2018SIBELIUS: Simulations Beyond the Local UniverseAstrophysicsInstitut d’Astrophysique de Paris, CNRSUniversity of HelsinkiGuilhem LAVAUXTill SawalaView
2018Ecology spanning from community ecology and biogeography to the development of new statistical tools in biodiversity researchEcologyCNRS / Université de Pau et des Pays de l'AdourFinnish Museum of Natural HistoryFrançois RIGALPedro CardosoView
2018Bioinformatics approaches for modern large-scale – omicsbioinformaticsUniversity of MontpellierBiomedicum Helsinki, University of HelsinkiSofia KOSSIDAMarc BaumannView
2018Intercultural education, migrationIntercuturalSorbonne UniversityUnivesity of Helsinki / ESHMartine PREITCELLEJean-Philippe Payette/Fred DervinView
2018Ultrasonic sensors applications for research reactorsNuclear PhysicsCEAVTTStéphane GaillotAri KOSKINENView
2018Ultrasonic sensors study of transport in a Tonks-Girardeau gas using a non-equilibrium Green’s functions approachfor research reactorsPhysicsCNRS / Grenoble UniversityDepartment of Physics and Astronomy, University of TurkuAnna MinguzziNicolino LO GULLOView
2018Optical materialsPhysicsInstitut de Physique de Nice, CNRS/ University of Côte d'AzurLaboratory of Photonics, Tampere University of TechnologyWilfried BLANCLaeticia PetitView
2018Neurodevelopmental disorders: Stress responses in brain developmentNeuroscienceCNRS / Paris Diderot UniversityÅbo Academy UniversityValérie MEZGERLea SistonenView
2018FMI-IFREMER cooperation in the field of marine research infrastructuresMarine scienceIFREMER, BrestFinnish Meteorological InstituteIngrid PuillatLauri LaaksoView
2018Decoupling of aerosol effect in the satellite algorithm of surface solar irradianceAstrophysicsMINES ParisTech in Sophia AntipolisFinnish Meteorological InstituteProf. Lucien WaldAntti ArolaView
2018Synchrotron radiation facilities/laboratories in France on X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy applications in researchNuclear PhysicsSOLEIL synchrotronAalto UniversityValerie BrioisRene BesView
2018Joint study plan for examining the use of IoT technology in elderly careComputer scienceUniversity of NantesOrton hospitalClaire GauzenteHeikki HurriView
2018Developing and applying methodologies for the monitoring of low carbon transitionEnvironmentADEMESYKERomain PoivetMikael HildénView
2018Tools for energy and climate policy supportNeuroscienceCEAVTTJean-Guy DevezeauxTiina KoljonenView
2018MathematicsMathematicsCollège de FranceUniversity of HelsinkiClaire VoisinMats GyllenbergView
2018Sociology, liberalismSocial SciencesEHESSUniversity of TampereLaurent ThevenotEeva LuhtakallioView
2018Deep brain simulationNeuroscienceAix-Marseille UniversityHelsinki University and Tampere UniversityFrançois ChristopheViktor JirsaView
2022Quantum technologies and quantum devicesPhysicsCNRS Institut Neel GrenobleTurku UniversityHervé CourtoisNicolino Lo GulloView
2022Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)MathematicsToulouse Mathematics Institute, Université Paul SabatierDepartment of Mathematics and Systems Analysis Aalto University, HelsinkiJérémie DardéNuutti HyvönenView
2021Architectural history and theorySocial SciencesUniversity Paris VII and ENSA Paris - Val de SeineFinnish Architecture Museum and Aalto UniversityPascal Terracol and Frederico TarragoniMarianna WahlstenView
2022Develop novel research projects in heavy element chemistry and physicsChemistryCEA/SaclayDepartment of Chemistry, University of Helsinkijean-Pierre DognonPekka Pyykkö and Dage SundholmView
2021Arctic anthropologySocial SciencesParis-Saclay UniversityUniversity of LaplandSamuel RoturierFlorian StammlerView
2020Adaptive Image Processing, Pattern Analysis and Stochastic GeometryMathematicsEcole Nationale Supérieure des Mines, Saint-EtienneComputational Imaging group at the Tampere UniversityJohan DebayleProf. Karen EgiazarianView
2021Human-elephant interactionsBiologyCentre of evolutionary and functional ecology (Montpellier) and University of Claude Bernard (Lyon)University of TurkuAna Rodrigues and Olivier GimenezJennie CrawleyView
2022Electrochemistry of metal complexesChemistryUniversity of Grenobles AlpesUniversity of JyväskyläSylvie ChardonElina LaurilaView
2021Dynamical behaviour of selected mathematical models on networksMathematicsUniversité polytechnique Hauts-de-FranceTampere UniversitySerge NicaiseLassi PaunonenView
2021Imaging and validation of novel targets in neuroinflammation (IVOnet)Medecine and HealthParis-Saclay UniversityTurku PET CentreGaëlle HugonFrancisco Rafael Lopez-PiconView
2021Communication interculturelle et intercompréhensionCulture and mediaParis-Saclay UniversityÅland University of Applied SciencesErik HemmingView
2021Incorporation of constraints in redescription miningInformaticsUniversity of Caen NormandieUniversity of Eastern FinlandJustine ReynaudPauli MiettinenView
2021Relation entre les formes plastiques et les formes du vivantArtsAix-Marseille UniversityULaplandJean ArnaudLeila Liaäinen and Tom EngblomView
2021Robust and semiparametric inference for high-dimensional dataEngineeringLaboratoire des signaux et systèmes (L2S) & DR2I-IPSAAalto UniversityStefano FortunatiEsa OllilaView
2022Lightweighting of lattice structuresEngineeringINSA Rouen NormandieAalto UniversityFabrice BarbeLuc St-PierreView
2021Les enjeux de la transition énergétique et le développement territorial de l’ArctiqueSocial SciencesAix-Marseille UniversityU-Arctic (Rovaniemi)Sébastien GadalView
2022Function of NHLRC2 in embryogenesis, and neurodevelopmental disorder of FINCA diseaseBiologyUniversity of StrasbourgUniversity of OuluProfessor Yann HeraultAnniina HiltunenView
2021Valorization of biomass to sustainable chemical productsChemistryÅbo Akademi UniversityINSA Rouen NormandieSébastien LeveneurHenrik GrénmanView
2022Ethics and aesthetics of narrative representations of dementia in contemporary French fictionHumanitiesUniversity of Bordeaux MontaigneUniversity of TurkuProf. Éric BenoitAvril TynanView
2022Touch, gesture, and movement interaction designArtsIRCAMDepartment of Musicology at the University of TurkuFrédéric BevilacquaTimo TuhkainenView
2022Assessing the performance of High Nature Value (HNV) farming systems to support sustainable, healthy, and climate-neutral dietsAgrnomyFrench National Institute for Agriculture, Food and EnvironmentUniversity of HelsinkiDr. Bertrand DumontMiriam Torres-MirallesView
2022Gravity field measurementL'École et observatoire des sciences de la terre (EOST)Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI)Dr. Severine RosatArttu Raja-HalliView
2022Hybrid silicon photonics for solving bottlenecks in Kerr frequency comb generationPhysicsUniversité Grenoble Âlpes, Genoble INPAalto UniversityProf. Jean-Emmanuel BroquinVincent PelgrinView
2022Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) application in solid-boosted flow batteriesPhysicsUniversity of ParisUniversity of TurkuDr Frederic KanoufiMahdi MoghaddamView
2022Tumor invasionMedecine and HealthRouen UniversityUniversity of HelsinkiDr Giorgio SeanoVadim Le JoncourView
2022Problems of AI and algorithmisation in media in authoritarian regimesCulture and MediaCentre for Russian, Caucasian and Central European StudiesUniversity of HelsinkiDr Françoise DaucéOlga DovbyshView
2022Actin cytoskeletonBiologyInstitut Jacques Monod, University of ParisUniversity of HelsinkiHugo WiolandPr. Pekka LappalainenView
2022Immersive visual technologiesEngineeringUniversité Polytechnique Hauts-de-FranceCentre for Immersive Visual Technologies (CIVIT), Tampere UniversityAnthony TriouxAtanas GotchevView
2022PleiotropyBiologyEcole Normale Supérieure de LyonInstitute of Biotechnology, University of HelsinkiMarie SemonJukka JernvallView
2022Neutron-deficient actinidesPhysicsUniversité Paris SaclayUniversity of JyväskyläEmmanuel Rey-HermeProf. Iain D. MooreView
2022Electrical Impedance TomographyMathematicsUniversity of BordeauxMathematics and Systems Analysis of Aalto universitNiami NasrProf. Nuutti HyvönenView
2022Digital Grammar of Greek Documentary PapyriHumanitiesUniversité de Toulouse 2 Jean JaurèsUniversity of HelsinkiIrene MarechalProf. Marja VierrosView
2022Neural Network compressionEngineeringIMT Atlantique universityTampere UniversityMathieu LeonardonProf. Pekka JääskeläinenView
2022Effect of power electronics on the electrolyzer operationEngineeringUniversity of LorraineLappeenranta University of Technology (LUwT)Damien GuilbertJero AholaView
2022Speciation process occurring in lamprey speciesBiologyUniversity of Rennes 1University of HelsinkiNolwenn DecanterDr Frédéric GuillaumeView
2022Material SciencesPhysicsUniversité Paris SaclayUniversity of HelsinkiAurélien DebelleProf. Flyura DjurabekovaView
2022Maritime finno-ugric studiesSocial SciencesInstitut Universitaire Européen de la Mer/Université de Bretagne OccidentaleÅbo Akademi UniversityAnatole DantoDr. Kirsi SONCK-RAUTIOView
2022LOUIS PASTEUR : Between myth and realityMedecine and HealthInstitut PasteurTHL, Finnish Medical AssociationJean-Marc CAVAILLONView
2022L’Arctique dans le monde aujourd’hui : coopération et politiques de pouvoir, économie d’énergies fossiles et catastrophe climatique, science et savoir autochtoneSocial SciencesUniversité Paris SaclayUniversity of LaplandEda AyaydinView