France-Nokia Chaire d'Excellence in ICT Ph.D. cotutelle grant


The France-Nokia Chaire d’Excellence in Information and Communications Technologies offers a unique opportunity for a distinguished French scholar/researcher to engage in international research collaboration.

Objectives :

  • Advancing ICT research
  • Developing international exchange and collaboration between the French and Finnish higher education institutions
  • Encouraging joint publications between French and Finnish researchers in the ICT domain
  • If appropriate, mentoring student research at the master and doctoral level
  • Organizing and participating in public lectures

How it works :

The France-Nokia Chaire d’Excellence in Information and Communications Technologies is jointly funded by the Nokia Foundation (20 000 €) and the French researcher’s home institution (20 000 €). The grant will support costs related to the visiting period. Minimum visit period of 4 months is required, but the French researcher can stay for a longer period if agreed between home and host institutions. For the 2023 programme, one French distinguished researcher will be selected for a grant.


The minimum period for the visit is four months. The visiting researcher coming to Finland will typically participate in research work, give lectures or, if applicable, collaborate with Finnish companies.

The collaboration is expected to progress the field of ICT.

Note :

The visiting researcher does not necessarily need to speak Finnish or Swedish in order to be able to live in Finland. English is widely spoken in academic circles and in the country as a whole.

Who can apply :

Candidates should be eminent scholars and have a prominent record of scholarly accomplishment, including a significant publication record.

 When to apply :

The application process is open from December 5th 2022 to April 21st 2023

More information  : 

Visit the site here for more information and application